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About PLC/PLCU swapping

March 16, 2022

Chances are, you’ve already heard about swapping in our webinars and announcements. Today, we will tell you all about swapping and how it boosts the growth of our coin exchange rate.

Our infrastructure features another cryptocoin – PLC, the forerunner of PLCU. The entire PLC infrastructure was built around this coin – PlatinDeal, Platin Hero and others.

📊 Swapping is the process of exchanging PLC for PLCU at the market rate on the exchange. It’s extremely simple: the holder of PLC coins enters the exchange, places an order to sell PLC and buy PLCU. As soon as the required number of PLCUs becomes freely available, PLC owners receive PLCUs on their exchange balance. The original PLCs are burned. And according to the laws of economics, a decrease in the number of available assets leads to an increase in their price.

That’s how swapping boosts the liquidity and demand for the PLC infrastructure coin 📈

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