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Cryptocurrency as a means of payment — does it have potential?

February 6, 2022

Yes. And you can find this potential by observing the trends. The volume of crypto payments keeps growing with each year. First of all, more and more people are becoming aware of cryptocurrencies as a volatile yet profitable asset that has shown steady growth over the past 12 years since the first transactions in Bitcoin.

Secondly, cryptocurrency payments offer increased transaction security, low commissions, and protection against chargebacks. International transfers in cryptocurrency are much faster, and modern infrastructure allows you to use crypto with the convenience of a traditional means of payment.

All these advantages are accelerating the adoption of cryptocurrencies by various countries, and governments are increasingly deciding to regulate turnover instead of blocking crypto entirely. But regulation does not mean control, since the blockchain is a decentralized system. And this is another advantage that attracts people by providing anonymity and asset protection.

This is the direction chosen for PLCU, a cryptocurrency created to solve the problem of online payments. Our goal is to ensure that everyone can easily use cryptocurrency and not only buy any goods and services for PLCU anywhere in the world, but also independently produce PLCU coins on their smartphone. And we will talk about this technology in more detail in the next publication.

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