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EUROPE ULTIMA CONVENTION BERLIN – most grandiose and anticipated event in Europe

May 5, 2022

Friends, we keep sharing with you our emotions and impressions from the most grandiose and anticipated event in Europe – EUROPE ULTIMA CONVENTION BERLIN!
Note that this was one of the largest events ever held for the PLC Ultima community!
The numbers speak for themselves: 3800 community members from more than 40 countries flocked to one place. And this point of attraction was Berlin!

The program of the event was incredibly rich and vibrant:

🔹 more than a hundred guests of the event in Berlin got their own PLC Debit Cards;
🔸 10 guests received the keys to their new premium class cars under the PLC Ultima Car Program right on the stage;
🔹 guests learned important news about the PLCU project development personally from Alex;
🔸 360 partners became the participants of the awarding ceremony, and each of them received his or her award to the sound of applause;
🔹 and the most unexpected for everyone was the marriage proposal right on the stage of EUROPE ULTIMA CONVENTION BERLIN!

It’s safe to say that PLC Ultima changes people’s lives dramatically.
You can check it by looking at these photos!

🔔 We will tell about the most important moments of the main event of the year in the next posts! Do not miss !

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