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Main news of the previous week

April 25, 2022

We’re starting a new week, which means it’s time to take stock of the previous one. Spoiler alert: it was really exciting and powerful!

1️⃣ We presented the updated design of the Ultima Farm personal account! One of the most anticipated updates was the addition of the Minting Factor widget – now, you can login and view its monthly decrease for all the upcoming months whenever you like.

If you haven’t had time to evaluate the new design yet, make sure to check out your personal account 🔥

2️⃣ Another important improvement of the week concerns the Ultima Farm calculator. In the new version, you can immediately set your budget, and the calculator will automatically select the right Ultima Minter package for you. Also, the calculator page now features the current PLCU rate from the exchange.

3️⃣ Last week, we also added a Connect Wallet button to the Block Explorer. The addition of this functionality marks the final stage of our team’s work on adding PLC Ultima to Ledger. Very soon, the PLCU coin will be hosted in the Ledger Live wallet.

4️⃣ Last week, the world’s leading financial publications continued to write about PLC Ultima. The largest German-language media released an article about the passive income opportunities offered by PLC Ultima. And one of the most famous Russian-language cryptocurrency media publications ihodl released an article titled “From $0.1 to $100,000: why is the PLCU cryptocurrency worth twice as much as Bitcoin today?”.

5️⃣ And over the weekend, the Swiss city of Horgen featured an exciting event for the PLC Ultima community.

🚀 Don’t forget that you can find all the latest news and information in our official Telegram channels!

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