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Minting PLCU: How Does it Works?

December 11, 2021

Today, cryptocurrency mining has gained a controversial reputation. Although it remains the most popular method of producing cryptocurrencies, more and more projects are starting to switch to alternatives. What’s so bad about mining?

Besides the fact that it causes colossal harm to the environment, consuming more electricity per year than the whole of Argentina, it also requires expensive equipment. It is no longer news that mining has seriously hit the video card market, causing a shortage and raising prices to staggering heights. So it comes as no surprise that many countries are now banning mining on their territory, starting with China, and that well-known business leaders including Elon Musk have refused to pay with Bitcoin, which is produced through mining.

Today, the best alternative to mining is minting! This is the technology behind all PLC products, including the PLC Ultima coin. Minting is energy efficient, easy to use and does not require serious financial expenditures. The only thing you need to start minting is your smartphone.

How does minting work, based on the example of PLCU? The user purchases the Ultima Minter digital certificate, installs the Ultima Farm application, enters into a smart contract with PLCU and freezes the coins on his account for a specified period. During the freeze period, the user receives monthly minting transactions, and after the expiration of the period, the frozen coins are made available to him once again.

Minting allows PLC Ultima to realize its main goal – to improve the living standards of people around the world. After all, with minting, everyone can produce coins on their own and earn from this process.

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