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Minting vs mining: what is the key advantage of PLCU?

February 15, 2022

Answer: simplicity and profit. Imagine that you can get new coins using your smartphone. You no longer need to create mining farms or buy expensive equipment. The product offered by PLCU already contains the technologies of the future. Simply purchase an Ultima Minter digital certificate and freeze coins on a special account.

This is a simple and energy-efficient way to produce cryptocurrency. And all this is supported by a smart contract that guarantees the transfer of coins to your account. As a decentralized system, blockchain allows you to keep this smart contract in the public domain so that it will always be available online.

💎 Smart contract = guarantee!

And this means that the reward in the form of a percentage of the number of frozen coins will automatically go to the user’s account. You need to take advantage of these opportunities, because cryptocurrencies and the digital world of technology will develop further. But only your actions will define your future in this changing world! And we will talk about the prospects of the market in the next publication. Stay tuned! 

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