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PLCU demonstrates growth

January 22, 2022

If you are actively following the crypto market, then you’ve probably noticed a sharp decline across all rates. In only one day, the crypto market has lost more than 7%, with the capitalization falling below $1.6 trillion — this is the absolute minimum since September 28, 2021.

The price of Bitcoin dropped to $35,490, Ethereum to $2466, and some major altcoins have lost more than 10% of their capitalization. Over the past 12 hours, $627 million worth of traders’ positions have been liquidated.

However, despite the general decline in the market, our coin continues to demonstrate moderate growth. So, today the price of the coin on the Coinsbit exchange is 14,700 USDT, with a daily gain of 0.76%. The growth of the price of our coin is facilitated by positive news – an agreement on new listings, the activity of traders, the rapid development of the community, the release of new products, the active work of the development team, and much more.

Stay tuned for updates on our channel – we will promptly report on all important news.

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