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December 8, 2021

The infrastructure around the Ultima PLC coin includes more than ten highly popular products. The list includes:

1. Ultima Farm application. It allows you to produce new coins using the minting technology, simply by storing them in your wallet. With Ultima Farm, coins can be frozen for one to three years. At the end of the freezing period, not only do you regain access to all your frozen PLCUs, but their number also doubles!

2. Ultima Minter digital certificate. This product supports the operation of the Ultima Farm. The more certificates you purchase, the more new coins you will get.

3. Platin Hero crowdfunding platform. It’s based on a combination of blockchain, minting and smart contracts. Here, everyone can launch their own fundraising campaign to bring a business or charity idea to life. At the same time, not only do investors support the projects they like, but they also earn money: the coins are frozen in the account, and after the campaign is successfully completed, they are returned to the account along with a 10% reward. So both projects and sponsors win!

4. PlatinDeal and PlatinSale marketplaces. Here, you can buy and sell any goods, from cosmetics to cars, for cryptocurrency! The service is similar to eBay, presented as a platform where both merchants and ordinary users can post private ads. What’s more, in addition to goods, you can also offer professional services!

5. Platin Passport service. This application brings together all user data, providing a single sign-on to all products in the ecosystem, as well as further protection for the user.

When it comes to PLCU products, the list doesn’t end there! We will tell you more about each product in the following posts – stay tuned for updates on our social networks.

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