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PLCU price exceeds $40,000, Ultima Wallet update

March 20, 2022

Weekly news digest: PLCU price exceeds $40,000, Ultima Wallet update, new additions to the YouTube channel


We’ve reached the end of yet another busy week! Today, we can’t wait to share the main news from our project.

🚀 The first and most important news for our entire community is the massive rise in the PLC Ultima price! At its peak, the price reached $44 984 on the Coinsbit Exchange!

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📱 Another important announcement is the update of the main screen in the latest version of Ultima Wallet — now it’s even more intuitive and easy to use. We’ve added a graph that can be used to view and analyze the price of PLCU, and the interface now features information about the latest PLCU/USDT exchange rate. You can also view a visual representation of your PLCU balance converted into USDT.

Please note that this update is currently only available for Android in the Play Market store. The iOS version will soon be added to the App Store.

▶️ We’ve also uploaded a new PLC Ultima news digest to our YouTube channel! If you haven’t already watched it, make sure to check it out. You’ll learn about the details of our car and real estate programs, the updated Ultima Minter + Card pack product line, the new Ultima website, as well as information about burned coins, app updates, and the growth of the PLCU rate. Share this video with others!

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