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Real Estate and Car Program from PLCU.

March 5, 2022

Today, we’re excited to share some incredible news with you!

🏙 This week’s most momentous news was the launch of two programs for the PLC community — automotive and real estate! Thanks to these programs, PLCU coin holders will be able to purchase real estate in Dubai and cars with savings of 10% to 50%.

🚘 The program was only announced this week, but 6 cars have already been sold — two Lamborghini, one Porsche, one Maybach, and two other premium cars. And two members of the community have already received the keys to their new apartments in Dubai. You can watch their emotions as they sign their sale and purchase agreements on our YouTube channel.

🔥 In other news, more than 3500 PLCU were burned. Based on the exchange rate at the time of the burning, this was equivalent to $88.5 million.

Thanks to these burned coins, we will be able to offer a feature that many members of the community have been requesting for a long time — the ability to pay for Ultima Minter packages with the PLC coin.

🚀 And that’s not all — our team is already entering the final stage of implementing the functionality for exchanging PLC Farm for Ultima Farm!

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