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Review of our most important news

April 18, 2022

As usual, let’s kick off the new week with a review of our most important news! Without further ado, let’s get into the news!

🚀 Spring is heating up at PLC Ultima: our entire team is busy preparing for the main event of the year – EUROPE ULTIMA CONVENTION BERLIN! Registration for the event continues, and about 2000 people have already registered! We remind you that all participants of the event who register by April 18 have a unique opportunity to collect their PLC Debit Cards in Berlin! You can find a list of detailed conditions in our Telegram channel.

📢 Alex Reinhardt spoke at several conferences last week – Paris NFT DAY and Paris Blockchain Week Summit. At Paris NFT DAY, Alex presented a report on a hot topic – “The Creator Economy: NFT vs. Real Crypto World”. He explained why, despite the hype around NFTs, this technology doesn’t have the same prospects as cryptocurrencies.

📢 Following the rapid growth of the PLCU coin, more than three international publications have released materials about the project and Alex.
You can check out the articles at the following links:

🔥And finally, we also burned 1200 PLCU last weekend, which is equal to $108,000,000!
This means that the liquidity of the PLCU coin will continue to increase every day!

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