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The Main News from 3 to 14 January

January 14, 2022

Friends, each Friday we share important news and technical releases at PLC Ultima for the previous week.

Today, we’d like to share three updates with you:

1️⃣ The Max Load in your Farms is fixed at 5000 EUR until the end of January!

Until January 31, whenever you purchase a pack, the Max Load will be fixed at the time of purchase and will not change in the future. This update applies to all paid packs from December 14, 2021. And starting on February 1, we will adjust the Max Load to the market value, which may be higher than 15,000 EUR. Every day, more and more users will fill up their farms, which will contribute to the growth of the Max Load value!

2️⃣ A new Ultima Minters + Cards section added to the Ultima Farm personal account page!

A new offer: packs that include PLC Cards – free crypto debit cards. You can purchase them on the Ultima Minters + Cards tab in your account on the control panel of the Ultima Farm website. Packs with included cards start at a price of 1100 euros. This is a unique chance to get a PLC Card absolutely free. Don’t miss it, because the cost of a PLC Card outside the pack is between 1,500 and 250,000 euros.

Information about paid cards can be found in your personal account on the card page (My Cards) immediately after payment. Information on payments made before December 2021 will be uploaded to this section by the end of January 2022.

3️⃣ We’ve updated the process of PLCU bonus payouts in the Platin World personal cabinet

Previously, it was possible to withdraw bonuses only to the Farm address, but now payouts are available to any PLC Ultima address.

These are just the most important updates of the previous week. In fact, there are many more – our technical team is starting the year at a very energetic pace, working daily on the comprehensive improvement of our products to make your work with the Ultima PLC as convenient and profitable as possible!

Follow our social networks for updates – we will tell you about all the news and important updates.

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