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The new PLC debit card website.

March 10, 2022

🔸Dear friends, we’ve finished working on the update and we’re excited to present our new website:
You can use it to find out all the information about cards, review your previously issued cards and select and pay for a new card.

🔸The next big news is the change in the way you can obtain the card activation code. From now on, the activation code is only available after registration and payment for onboarding (verification and opening of crypto and fiat accounts) on the website. If you are eligible to own several cards, you can choose which card you want to activate. All previously issued card activation codes have been withdrawn.

🔸Another great announcement is that you can give the opportunity to activate the card to another person!

Here’s how you can do this ⬇️
in your personal account, select the activation method for another person and send the unique keycode to any partner. If this keycode gets activated on the page, this card will disappear from the account and appear on the account of the partner who entered the keycode. We would like to clarify that each partner who receives the keycode must register and pay for onboarding on the website to receive the activation code and the card itself.

🔸We’ve also made some changes to the Ultima Minter+Card packages: now, they only include a VIP card with a new design. If you’d like to obtain a higher level card, you can always choose one at

🔸The PLCU team is constantly working to make the platform even more user-friendly, so our users can stay productive. The new card site is part of this important process. We hope you will enjoy all the new features and opportunities!

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