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This week’s productive results.

March 12, 2022

Today, we’re sharing this week’s productive results!

🔸 Our most anticipated news was the launch of our new website ➡
You can use it to: ⬇️
Find out all the information about our cards
See all previously issued cards
Select and purchase a new card

🔸 We’ve changed the process for obtaining a card activation code
The code is now available after registration and payment for onboarding (completing verification and opening crypto and fiat accounts) on the site
If you are eligible to own several cards, then you can select the required card and activate it
All previously issued card activation codes have been withdrawn

🔸 We’ve added the option of transferring a card to another person.
Here’s how you can do this ⬇️
1️⃣ In your personal cabinet, select activation for another person and send them the unique keycode
2️⃣ If the keycode is activated on the page, this card will be moved from your personal cabinet to the account of the partner who entered the keycode.
3️⃣ Before transferring the code to someone else, you must complete registration and onboarding on our website

🔸 We’ve made changes to the Ultima Minter + Card packs
Now, these packs only feature cards in the VIP category with a new design
You can select a card in a higher category on our new website:

🔸 We’re actively developing two programs: the automotive and real estate programs from PLC ULTIMA. The owners of new apartments and luxury cars are already sharing their impressions on our channel. Check it out here ⬇️

🔸 And finally, by popular demand from many community members: payment for Ultima Minter packs is now available in PLC coins.

🔸 And the last news, that 3.538 PLCU were burned. Based on the exchange rate at the time of the burning, this was equivalent to $88.467.500. As you know, this is an important process for the future growth of our coins, as their deficit is the main engine of the crypto economy.

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