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Updated Ultima Farm personal account

April 21, 2022

Friends, it’s time to share a development that the PLC Ultima has been working on for a long time!
Today, we’re excited to introduce the completely redesigned Ultima Farm personal account 🔥🔥🔥

🔶The Ultima Farm personal account now features a radically new concept, vision, and architecture. Our top priority is the development of our products and the creation of intuitive, user-friendly functionality for all our users.

🔸It’s worth mentioning that we recently presented the first Ultima Farm website at our event in Dubai, and very soon we will present the radically improved product which is guaranteed to give you a positive experience!

🔶Most importantly, one of the most anticipated updates was the addition of the Minting Factor widget. This means that you can view the monthly decrease for all the upcoming months whenever you want. Very convenient, wouldn’t you agree?

🔸Every new day is an opportunity for us to make the PLC Ultima ecosystem products even better and more user-friendly!
And right now, hurry to check out Ultima Farm and see everything for yourself! 💣

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