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Webinar / Presentation with Alex Reinhardt

January 26, 2022

We invite you to start February with a bang together with Alex Reinhardt, by visiting our monthly webinars. These will be the only webinars in February, so make sure to set up reminders so you don’t miss them!

The webinars will follow the standard schedule, from Monday to Wednesday.

At the webinars, we’ll get charged with motivation to achieve all our goals in the new month, we’ll learn about the company’s plans for the development of PLCU, Alex will share the most important news and even more important and valuable information.

Webinar Schedule

Presentation In Hindi:
31.01 Monday
19:30 New Delhi (15:00 Berlin)

Presentation In German:
31.01 Monday
19:30 Berlin time

Presentation In Spanish:
1.02 Tuesday
11:00 Mexico (18:00 Berlin)

Presentation In Russian:
2.02 Wednesday
19:00 Moscow (17:00 Berlin)

Presentation In English:
19:00 Lagos (19:00 Berlin)

Don’t miss the first and only webinar meeting with Alex in February!

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