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What can you buy o Platin Deal?

January 29, 2022

PlatinDeal is a real revolution in the world of shopping, because now you can easily buy anything with cryptocurrency. Imagine an online megamall where you can buy from any seller in any corner of the world! No additional interest or commissions, only secure payments and transparency of transactions with KYC, legal guarantees and real goods. PlatinDeal doesn’t just care about the benefits for customers, but also about their safety.

What can I buy on the PlatinDeal website right now? Almost everything! Six categories and more than a hundred products are waiting for you. You can make purchases with one click:

  • Exclusive branded clothing with solid discounts
  • Home appliances and electronics – from Apple products to food processors
  • Designer jewelry and personal care products
  • Luxury and Art
  • Cars! From comfort to luxury

The range of PlatinDeal products is regularly updated, because we cooperate with a huge number of trusted partners and well-known brands. You can pay for any purchase, from a fancy dress to a Mazda CX-5, with one of seventeen cryptocurrencies: BTC, PLCU, Dogecoin, and more. To make the right decision about your purchase, you can also study the product of your choice offline by meeting with the seller in person or visiting their store.

Join the PlatinDeal community and enjoy the unlimited freedom and possibilities of modern shopping!

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