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What is the technology behind the PLC Ultima products

February 8, 2022

In this video, Alex Reinhardt talks about the technologies behind the PLC Ultima products. After watching this video, you’ll learn what sets PLC Ultima apart from other projects and why our coin is guaranteed to reach dizzying heights!

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Video text

What is the technology behind the product? We have many different technologies, we have proof of work, we have blockchain, we have minting, we have freeze and we have farms, many different platforms. Here you need to look at each product separately and what technology it is based on what sets us apart, is the fact that all our technology is real tested. By time and by hundreds of thousands of people and some products have been online for many years they have hundreds of thousands of users. So no one has any doubt that all our products are real that our technology is real and it works. I am sure that people will recognize the full power of our technology this year, somewhere in the middle towards the end of this year when the coin is listed on Binance. Since we have issued our own debit cards, that you can replenish with our coin as well as other crypto assets, such as bitcoin usdt ether and our plcu coin. There are also fiat accounts such as euro dollar, yuan, pound and the like, these products essentially have no counterparts on the market. Now our task is to tie them to the real sector of the economy and this will create a real explosion!

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